Sunday, 25 November 2007


Last night was a very strange night.

At about 4pm the house went very quiet............... all night - usually this is the noisiest part of the day.

At about 1am I was woken up with my owner bursting into the house singing.......
'there's more life, more life, more life in a tramps vest' ...........and
'Mr. Writer... Why don't you tell it like it is.........Why don't you tell it like it really is' ........ and even 'Superman on an aeroplane.......... Sitting next to Lois Lane'

What a flaming racket!!!!!!

This morning she eventually merged from bed at about midday.... and she was still singing..... and now she is playing these songs non stop on her CD player!!!!!!!!

I had a sniff around and I have come to the conclusion that she left the house without me... and to go somewhere exciting too!!!!!

What do you think? Just look at the evidence......................

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Spot the Dog

On Sunday it was a lovely day. After my owner eventually got out of bed (she was being very lazy and took full advantage of the extra hour in bed!) we went to Logie Steading near Forres and had a walk along the River Findhorn. The only trouble was that I was the same colour as all the leaves on the ground - so sometimes my owner had trouble finding me!

Monday, 22 October 2007

My latest Adventures

Hiya Huntly Fans!!!

Well I have had a busy time of it. Last week I eventually got taken on holiday! I went to Wrexham for a whole week. We stayed at the Ramada Plaza - which was a lovely hotel - here are pics of me outside the hotel and on the bed - hee-hee - I know dogs aren't usually allowed on the bed - but I did have clean paws!

During my fun-filled week away I was taken to exciting places like Albert Docks in Liverpool. Here I am ready to save anybody who might fall in the water!!

On my way to Liverpool we stopped off at Cheshire Oaks - a huge Shopping Village - yawn - I was bored!!!

The best day of all the holiday though was going to London - I saw Big Ben - who I always thought was a cousin of mine from Dagenham - but now I know its just a big clock!!! Silly me!!!
I also went on the London Eye and fantastic views around the city. I loved London and was a good dog all day, although I did fall out of my owners bag on the London Eye and nearly got left behind - Luckily someone spotted me and picked me up for my owner!
I can't wait to go back to London & hope you enjoy my photos - Check back soon to see where else I have been!

Love'n licks - Huntly xxx

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Lost & Found!!!

Yippee!! At last I am free again. A couple of months ago I put in the drawer under the bed for safe keeping while my owner swapped bedrooms around - but tonight - at last - I am free again!
I am now sitting on my owners desk - right next to the monitor.
I have big adventures coming my way too! On Thursday I am going on Holiday to Wrexham and also going on day trips to London, Liverpool & Cardiff - I can't wait!!!! I have also heard rumours about a possible trip to Norway next year too - I just hope there is room for me!!!

Thursday, 12 April 2007

Adventures in Glasgow

At Glasgow Science Centre

Up the top of Glasgow Tower

Me with my new friend Emma

Sunday, 8 April 2007

My Trip to Brodie Castle

Yesterday I went with my owner and her No. 2 son to Brodie Castle.
I had a great time running about in the grass.

Brodie Castle is famous for its lovely daffodils
I couldn't resist having a wee run around in them!

Ummmm...... I think I confused myself with a cat and got stuck up a tree!!!
Bye Bye Brodie Castle!!!

Thursday, 5 April 2007

Doggy Bag

Today I was sneaked into a Restaurant by my owner - it was very exciting! She put me in her handbag and told me to be very quiet. I was as quiet and as still as I could be - all night - I did get to pop my head out of her bag just once though - for a photo of course.

Sadly I didn't get to eat any of the seafood salad or pie & chips that my owner and her hubby were eating - she thought that because I am still so little that the food might upset my delicate little tummy - and she didn't want me to make a mess all over her handbag - as if I would!!!